September 17, 2021

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Identify the statements below which summarize what cash discounts are

Identify the statements below which summarize what cash discounts are (Check all that apply)

Let us discuss what is the right statement in detail. Check for answers below:

Identify the statements below which summarize what cash discounts are (Check all that apply)

Ans: Cash discount is a type of discount, which is a deduction allowed or provided through sellers of the goods and services so that could motivate the customers or consumers to pay within the particular time period.

So, the statements which summarize are:

1. The sellers offer cash discount, will acknowledge as the sales discount.

2. The buyer refers or acknowledge the cash account as purchase account.

3. The cash accounts are defined as the credit terms.

4. The sellers could grant cash discounts in order to encourage the buyers to pay earlier.

5. The payment which is reduced applies to the credit period.



Discounts are the medium through which one can maximize their saving & use them for other important purposes.

But most of the time, direct discounts may not be available on the services or products you are paying for, but do you know that still, you can avail discounts on the same? Yes, there are certain special discounts are available based on different eligibility criteria such as profession, age, designation, etc. that are always there on every product you buy.


Types of Discounts

Here, in this article, we will be discussing various discounts based on these criteria.

Although it is true that discounts always cannot be found in every retail store, still you have scopes to save your money if you fall in the below-mentioned categories:


Military Discounts


If you are a military person which is considered as one of the respectable jobs across the globe, you are eligible to avail exclusive discount benefits for buying any of your concerned products. There are several stores in the USA or other countries that provide discounts to veterans, active military persons, military spouses, etc.

Hence, military persons can get 5-20% discounts on products of different brands like Oakley, Apple, Audi, etc. However, no such discount benefits are given by Walmart. But if you have a resort to coupons, you can get discounts from it as well.

It is essential to check the terms and conditions efficiently to know about your discount eligibility and always carry your identity proofs while availing of these discounts without any fault.

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General Discounts


Don’t feel bad if you don’t possess a military profession. There are certain discounts are available for general people as well.

You can collect some coupon codes or printed coupons by a timely visit to the various website of the concerned brands or outlets. You can also keep in touch with this site to get updated information on discounts available on different products or services. All you need to do is to keep a note of the coupon codes and their expiry date or time so that you can avail them effectively.

Apart from products or services, there are various restaurants or, amusement parks also give exclusive discounts for children. Also, you can get special discount offers at various times of the day. Get the information and maximize your saving.

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Student Discounts


Are you a student? Don’t worry! There are even more exclusive discounts available for you. Whenever you go to any shop or outlet, do not hesitate to ask for the specific discounts applicable to you. Although these discounts are subjected to show valid student IDs, you have to carry them when you go to any book store, clothing stores, food chain, etc. to avail the discounts.

If you don’t have any idea whether the concerned place you are going to buy or have something, you can ask them authorized persons regarding that. You can also get the information from this website.

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Teacher Discounts


There are certain retail chains available that give enormous discounts to the people associated with the students in terms of serving their profession in educational institutions such as teachers. If you opt for the necessary documents while going to any food joints or book shops, you can get the available discount offers and save your money to a great extent.

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Senior Discounts


After serving your entire life for the nation, you must be expecting some privileges from the country to pay back to you. Well, there are certain discounts available even for senior citizens as well.

Certain companies for garment, travel, pharmacy, food, etc. offer special discounts to senior citizens of the country in terms of paying back to their life-long contributions to the country. To avail of these discount offers, you need to research a bit or to subscribe yourself to our website to get all the latest information related to the senior discount facilities.

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Employee Discounts


Every region has the largest proportion of employees who work in different organizations.

Hence, there are certain discounts available for the employees as well. These discounts are offered by different companies in order to encourage the contributions made by the employees towards the nation.

Discounts also help the brand to implant loyalties from this employment sector. Some of the brands like American Eagle Outfitters, etc. allow employees to buy their respective items at discounted prices.

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There are many more types of discounts such as law enforcement discounts, police discounts, health care discounts, etc…

Hope you find the answer to the question we discussed above.

Now, enjoy saving by following all the available discounts for you!